Universal Controller for All Nintendo Systems to Date

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Universal Controller for All Nintendo Systems to Date

Post by Thunderchin » Wed Dec 15, 2010 9:47 pm

Project "Control Freak"

Make a controller that is compatible with all of Nintendo's systems (the NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, and Wii). What I have drawn up is basically an Xbox 360 controller but with the Gamecube's hybrid analog/digital triggers (use tact switches at the end of the trigger's travel) and a universal connector that hooks up to an adaptor cable (which one depends on the system).

-Works with all Nintendo systems, from the NES to impersonating the Wii Classic Controller.
-The NES and SNES can use the joystick in place of the D-Pad (though the D-Pad can still be used).
-The N64 camera buttons are replaced with the GameCubesque C-Stick, though X and Y are Down and Left C, respectively.
-Left and Right Bumpers are dual Z triggers on the N64 and GameCube, and L/R on the SNES.
-+ and - buttons are Start and Select, there is also a Home button.

I have ALL the systems, and the controller mess is really getting to be a nuisance. (2 NES, 2 SNES, 4 each of N64, GCN and Wii) PLEASE help me out here! I only need one of these, maybe two! My guests can use the normal controllers!
Project "Trinity"
So named because of its tripartite formfactor, this is basically a universal controller for PC, Mac, Linux, and a whole host of consoles including Xbox 360, all Sega, and all Nintendo consoles to date.

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