z2442 n64p VIDEO + sale maybe

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Re: z2442 n64p VIDEO + sale maybe

Post by z2442/joey » Sun Apr 11, 2010 8:58 am

hey thanks for the comments and all. lol im still working on the grammer while typing so yea also i know i have not been near the forums recently but i got news im selling the n64p lol yes iknow its the crap but its quite sturdy and wont break to easy i built it to hold up most of the internals on in there to the point ware the will not come out but all the wiring is easy to access in case of some form of problem. with the money from the n64 i plan to put some torwards a car(im 16 lol) and some torwards a gcp or dcp well yea thats whats up .

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