Dyeing filler

Yes it is nice to be able to put your projects INSIDE something isn't it? You know, to hold everything together so it doesn't flop around? Discuss the techniques here!

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Dyeing filler

Post by qwertymodo » Sat Nov 24, 2012 5:26 pm

I'm working on a project with a cart edge socket that I can't get in the correct pin count and pitch, so I bought one with the right pitch and more pins than necessary and cut it down with a hacksaw to the right size. Now, I would like to rebuild the cut-off end of the socket. I've had some initial success by inserting the cart into the socket, then filling the end with hot glue, using the cart to keep the glue from flowing farther into the socket than it should, then sanding it down flush with the socket edge. This works, but the new end is flexible and clear, neither of which are all that aesthetically pleasing. So, I'm wanting to try to do the same thing with a filler like Bondo, but I want to be able to dye it before applying so I don't have to paint it afterward. First of all, is Bondo the best choice for this type of thing, or would another filler work better? Secondly, can someone suggest a good dye or pigment that would work without messing up the curing? I'm going for black, so if there is a filler that comes in black, that might work even better.

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