[WTB] Looking for Cracked/iCloud/Bad Esn/Screenless iPhones

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[WTB] Looking for Cracked/iCloud/Bad Esn/Screenless iPhones

Post by zeldaxpr0 » Mon Jul 14, 2014 10:37 pm

Title says it all. Interested in cracked iphones bad esn/icloud lock/no screen doesnt matter. iPhone 4 or higher. Have PayPal and also have many things to trade. Have some GCP Stuff, also have an Xbox 360 Phat that is flashed with LT firmware for backups. Also have some nice watches. Reply or PM me. As long as this thread is up I am still interested. Thanks. Heres just an idea of what I have:

Xbox 360 Controller (Clear mod)
GC Regulators (the PTHs)
PS2 Regs (the PTNs)
GC Mobo Rev A/B
GC Mobo Rev C
GC Fans
GC Controller Ports
GC Official Controller (Black)
GC Heatsinks
GBA SP Housing (used but great if wanted to repaint)
Tenergy Lithium Cells 18650s
10440 aaa sized Lithium cells
vaccum form case
GC Disc Drives
ZN 45 Enclosure
SL Series Enclosures
AG Series Enclosures
N64 controller (joystick isnt really that tight)
RDC N64 mini PCB
Fossil brand Watch
Twilight Princess Wii Game
Wii numchuck
Wii remote
GC Gameboy Player
TTDS Flashcart
Image Image Image Image

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