Looking to hire for custom game controller

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Looking to hire for custom game controller

Post by ffomega25 » Fri Jun 28, 2013 11:54 pm

Hi. I'd like to hire someone here to help me create a game controller. For a long time I wanted a controller for an MMO. I like the comfort of a game controller because my eye muscles shake a lot, making it hard for me to switch between mouse and keyboard control quickly. I can manage just fine with a controller though.

I have a total of 6 controllers:

1. PS1 controller
1. USB PC controller
1. MadCatz PS2 controller
1. Gravis Gamepad Pro
2. GameCube controllers (Generic)

I also have a PS2 DVD remote control with the sensor.

I found a controller that would have been perfect for me here. However this one is impossible to get because the company that makes it wants you to buy, in bulk, a large qty (1,000+) which I clearly cannot afford.

I'd like to hire someone to build me a controller that I designed using the controllers I will be providing...of course the controller's case will have to be made since the controllers I am providing would not be able to accommodate.

here is what I am looking for (It's a crude rendition but basically the gist of it):


The controller will have 35 buttons total.

Is there anybody who would be willing to take on this project? I think this post is in the wrong place :(

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