RDC's awesome 3DS analog converters + other cool stuff

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RDC's awesome 3DS analog converters + other cool stuff

Post by Ashen » Thu Feb 21, 2013 11:03 am

So yea, normally I don't do a lot of "plugging" other peoples work. However I've been having an extended PM session with RDC about a lot of his recent projects, most of which I find very interesting and useful. So I'm doing this writeup for him to promote his work. Please, for the love of god let it be known that he did not in any way shape or form ask me to do this. This was my idea, because I think the stuff he's doing is damn cool, and also because I know in the past there has been at least some demand for the stuff he's now made possible.

First up is the 3DS analog converter board he's made up, which I am most excited about, and I figure at least some others will be too:


I've got it wired up to a official GC controller here (duh), but the converter board will work with ANY pot based controller and supports/converts 2 analog sticks per converter board. The converter itself works perfectly, which you can see demonstrated in the video below. RDC is asking $35 per board, which in the grand scheme of things isn't that much when you consider the work that goes into putting these together, programming, fabrication, etc.


I've also shown RDC's mini DS2 and Mini 64 controller boards toward the end of the video. Both of which are awesome in themselves, the mini 64 board uses first party controller components, but includes RDC's own photodiode analog to pot based analog converter chip and supports pretty much any pot based analog you can throw at it perfectly (Nomal sticks, PSP Sliders, 3DS sliders, etc). I can't remember his exact asking prices for those boards off the top of my head, but I will say what he asks for all/any of his stuff is reasonable for the work he's put in, and I personally highly recommend him if you're looking for these types of things for whatever project you're working on. He's like to do some custom stuff too, if what you've got in mind inspires him to do so. He's a pretty awesome guy.

He's also cooked up a bunch of other cool stuff, such as drop in PCB's for 360/PS3 controller shells that you can in turn wire up to any controller board you like, and of course he's got his very ambitious N64 rev 3/4 PCB redesign going on right now.

Once again, highly recommended if you need any of this type of stuff for a project you're doing. Hit him up on any of the forums via PM if you're interested in any of his stuff.

Happy modding!

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