Looking to have a Mark III to Master System adapter built

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Looking to have a Mark III to Master System adapter built

Post by Lum » Sun Jun 24, 2012 2:34 pm

Can anybody hook me up with some way to plug Japanese cartridges into a Master System? If I need to hire the labor, and provide relevant parts to assemble it, that's OK. Either way this'll take vastly less space/money than importing a console. Besides it's good research. We have pinouts yet AFAIK little testing if they work in practice.

I was thinking to try rear SMS expansion port since it's so little used.
This idea would be fairly basic soldering with readily available parts. All you do is connect a 44 pin Mark III slot (EDAC 346-044-520-202) to 50 pin SMS slot (EDAC-341-050-520-202).

I'd suggest setting it up in a project box or similar so cartridge insertion force won't cause damage.

Thanks. :D

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