WTB: Misc console controller ports

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WTB: Misc console controller ports

Post by ElectronicGeek1 » Wed May 30, 2012 6:43 am

Basically I am looking for the controller ports (that are built into the console) from the following consoles for a retro controller to USB project I am doing:

- N64
- Gamecube (not too bothered about this)
- Sega Genesis/Mega Drive/Master System (I know they are standard D-sub 9, I just like the plastic shielding)
- Sega Saturn
- Sega Dreamcast
- PS1/2
- or anything else


I am in the UK so please remember that for international shipping prices. I used to be on here as ElectronicGeek, but my account got disabled due to inactivity (life and all that) which explains this being my first post. I did previously buy a hip gear screen from someone here when I broke the flat flex cable on mine due to an electrical shock from the back-light step up transformer :roll: . I can pm proof of my eBay feedback (100% over 100 transactions) if you would like and obviously only PayPal will be used for payment if a price is agreed.

I am fully aware of the various adapters etc that already exist, but the point of the project is for me to learn about the USB protocol, and the USB stack in Atmel micro-controllers/ARM cortex. I like to do things the hard way :) . Also I don't want to hack the controllers to have a usb cable directly because I would like them to remain original and playable on my original consoles.

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