MGC BHE/BH Suite Trademageddon!

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MGC BHE/BH Suite Trademageddon!

Post by jdmlight » Sun Mar 18, 2012 8:44 pm

I'm surprised no one has posted this yet. Post what you're looking for and what you have to trade, as well as if you're looking for money/trades/both. Use this as a guide:

Looking for: (money/trades/either)

Selling: (money/trades/either)

Here's mine:
Looking for: (money/trades)
Gameshark for PS1
Gameshark for PS2
N64 s-video/composite cable (preferable to have both on one cable)
Brigandine (PS1)

Selling: (money/trades)
2x PSOne consoles
IDE/ATAPI slotload drive from an iMac G3
--John (and please call me John, it's really weird to be called by my username)
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Re: MGC BHE/BH Suite Trademageddon!

Post by eagle5953 » Mon Mar 19, 2012 1:09 pm

Will edit when I get home - just off the top of my head:

Looking for: (money/trades/either)
Mario Adventure on NES cart
Strange or obscure gaming hardware or consoles

Selling: (money/trades/either)
Sealed, new Gameboy Micros
Playstation 2 slim console with cables
Wii drumset from GH:World Tour, in box
Steel Battalion for XBox, complete (game, contoller)

Please let me know if you are at least interested in anything so that I don't need to haul all this stuff down (stuffing my car like a yellow Geo).

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Re: MGC BHE/BH Suite Trademageddon!

Post by journeyfanatic » Wed Mar 21, 2012 9:34 am

I won't be there, but I am interested in a new, sealed GB Micro. Any chance you'd sell&ship to me??

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Re: MGC BHE/BH Suite Trademageddon!

Post by Triton » Wed Mar 21, 2012 3:33 pm

eagle5953 wrote:Please let me know if you are at least interested in anything so that I don't need to haul all this stuff down (stuffing my car like a yellow Geo).
I C wut u did thar :lol: i've got a lot of stuff i could sell/trade (atari 2600 stuff, tandy trs80 stuff, some n64 and other) but i dont know how much room we're going to have and i dont want a repeat of last year (car so crammed full i had to ride with a rifle across my lap the whole way home) :lol:

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Re: MGC BHE/BH Suite Trademageddon!

Post by wallydawg » Wed Mar 21, 2012 3:59 pm

What I am looking for:
Old ATX Power Supply for a NEOGEO MVS console project
Space Harrier 32x box
3DO longbox games
Dreamcast games
Jag CD games
Maybe TG16cd console
Vectrex console
Wonderswan games


Datamax Kids Delight, popular case for portables.
Dingoo A320, black. Needs new battery (link to dealextreme)
Dreamcast White, console only, (kyle has controllers for sale probably still)
Genesis 2/Sega CD bundle. Will sell either one seperately. 1 3rd party 6-button Controllers, No Power adapters. Free Sewer Shark.
HTC Aria Cell phone. AT&T GSM branded.
Jaguar Console only, broken. I think it is a cart slot issue. If you are a bad enough dude to try and fix this, be forewarned that the cart slot has nearly 150 pins.
N64 Jungle Green, 2 matching controllers and hookups (system just has jumper pak)
Playstation 9001 console
Playstation 1001 console, with the Composite jacks in the back/audiophile sound bs
Radica Genesis, BLUE.
Rock Band 2 wireless drumset
Saturn Oval button Console, broken. No hookups or controllers. Might be fixed by pot tweak. Good case, maybe for another mod [cough]allinonegenesissegacd32x[/cough]
Sega CD, broken. Might be fixed with pot tweak. No power adapter.
Sega Master System w/hookups, 1 3 button genesis controller (they work on sms, as does 2600 controllers). Have 3D glasses and Light Phaser and games too.
Socrates 1980's Learning Computer. More information here.
Smartq5 MID 4.3-5" tablet. Small scratch on corner of screen.
Turbografx16 console with back dust cover thing w/standard RF cord. No power, have a controller that doesn't seem to work, stripped screws cant get the case open to investigate.
Steel Batallion Controller, untested
Dreamcast Controller extension cables
Gamegear Powerback external battery. Doesnt hold a charge. Good for astetically pleasing extra space on a portable mod using a GG as a case (I think it was EvilNod that did this on an N64-GG portable)
Master System 3D Glasses w/Adapter. Glasses only have 1 side extension but you usually see them sold with zero.
Master System Light Phaser Zapper Gun
NES Advantage Arcade Style Controller
Crapload of NES dust covers. Some say Nintendo, others don't. (Specify which you are looking for)
NES Zappers. 3 grey, 2 orange.
NES Gunshot Controller. Looks like the Quickshot As seen here on some weird auction site
Crapload of official N64 controllers in pretty much all colors. Let me know what colors you are looking for.
PS1 Dual Analog (not digital analog) controller with concave sticks/flight stick sim mode. (link to more info)
Ps1 Offical multi tap
Ps2 Offical multi tap
MakoPad 64. Popular controller for N64 portables
Common 2600 carts only
Circus Atari
Donkey Kong
Journey Escape
Mario Bros.
Missile Command
Riddle of the Sphinx
Star Voyager
Wizard of Wor
Yars' Revenge
CIB/Rare(r) 2600 Carts
Miner 2049'er Vol. 2
Montezuma's Revenge CIB
Pole Position CIB
River Raid CIB (blue cart)
Doom CIB
Doom CIB
Doom cart only
Star Wars not for resale cart only
Virtua Racing cart only
World Series Baseball CIB
WWF Raw empty case
Guardian War CIB
Soccer Kid CIB
Centipede CIB
Ms. Pacman Maze Madness CIB
Test Drive 6 CIB
Gameboy/Gameboy Color/Gameboy Advance
GB 4-in-1 Interplay Fun Pak CIB
GB Monopoly CIB
GB NBA All Star Challenge
GBA Dynasty Wars SEALED
GBA Drill Dozer SEALED
007 Everything or Nothing
Animal Crossing Players Choice CIB
Big Air Freestyle
Bomberman Generation
Die Hard Vendetta
Dk bongos, Unused. Hesitant to say "New" since they came from gamestop, so it was at least opened.
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat with bongo's and game in Giant box
Donkey Konga 2
Dance Dance REvolution Mario Mix CIB, no mat
Evolution Worlds
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Mario Golf Toadstool Tour
Mario Superstar Baseball
Medal of Honor Rising Sun Players Choice
PK Out of the Shadows
Pikman CIB w/Players Guide
Prince of Persia Sands of Time
Rampage Total Destruction
Ribbit King
Second Sight
Spiderman 2
Spyro Enter the Dragonfly
Super Mario Sunshine
Tony Hawk Underground 2
Viewtiful Joe x2
Viewtiful Joe 2
Wave Race Blue Storm
Worms Blast
(all games cart only unless specified)
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle empty box
Chiki-Chiki Boys empty box
Garfield Caught in the Act
Mortal Kombat 1
Mortal Kombat 3
Samurai Shodown
Sonic 3D Blast
Street Fighter II Special Championship Edition CIB (but manual missing cover)
Tazmania w/box

Cybermorph cart only
Donkey Kong 64 cart w/manual & Players Guide
Knockout Kings 2000 CIB
Gt64 CIB
Rampage 2 Universal Tour CIB
Goldeneye 007 w/box
F-zero X CIB
Blast Corps CIB
1080 Snowboarding CIB
xtreme-g XG2 CIB
Mario Kart 64 x3
Starfox 64 cart only
Pokemon Snap cart only
Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Holographic Label
Yoshi's Story cart only
Master System
After Burner
Altered Beast
Altered Beast
California Games
F-16 Fighting Falcon (card game)
Ghostbusters (no manual)
Global Defense
Hang On/Safari Hunt
Marksman Shooting/Trap Shooting (no manual)
Out Run
Quartet w/poster
Rambo III w/poster
Shinobi no manual
Shooting Gallery
Space Harrier 3-D
Spy vs. Spy (card game)
Thunder Blade
World Grand Prix
NES(just the cart unless noted)
Bard's Tale empty box
Dash Galaxy
Dragon Warrior w/box
Hogan's Alley with a pretty long number etched into the side
Ironsword: Wizards and Warriors II x2
Karate Champ
Legend of Zelda (Gold cart)
Megaman 3
Mike Tyson Punchout!
Monopoly w/box
Ninja Gaiden
Rad Racer
Roger Clemens MVP Baseball
Skate or Die
Snake's Revenge
StarTropics w/manual
Super Mario/Duck Hunt x4
Super Mario/Duck Hunt/World Class Track Meet (previous owned by "Jesus"
Super Mario 2 x2
Super Mario 3 x3
Tecmo NBA Basketball
Tetris x3
Tetris 2
Vegas Dream
Wheel of Fortune Family Edition CIB
Zelda 2: Adventures of Link (grey cart)
Playstation (All games CIB unless noted)
ACtivision Classics
Ape Escape
Beyond the Beyond
Board Game Top Shop
Burstrick Wake Boarding!
Bushido Blade 2
Bushido Blade 2
Bust A Groove 2 OFFER
Caesar's Palace 2000
Chocobo's Dungeon 2
Colony Wars
Crash Bandicoot 2 Cortex Strikes Back GH
Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped Collector's Edition
CTR Crash Team Racing GH
Deathtrap Dungeon
Destruction Derby 2
Driver 2 GH (No manual)
Extreme Pinball
Final Fantasy Tactics
Fear Effect
Fear Effect
Fear Effect 2
Gran Turismo
Gran Turismo
Gran Turismo 2
Gran Turismo 2
Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto 2 GH
Hot Shots Golf
Intellivision Classic Games
Jet Moto GH
King of Fighters '99, The
KISS Pinball
Knockout Kings (De la Hoya disc)
Loaded GH
Megaman Legends GH OFFER
Metal Gear Solid No Manual
Metal Gear Solid GH stickers on the front
Monopoly GH
Pro Pinball Fantastic Journey
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing
Resident Evil: Director's Cut GH
Resident Evil: Director's Cut case w/RE:2 Demo (but no RE:DC disk) GH
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 3
Resident Evil 3
Ridge Racer GH goodwill sticker on front of case
Rouge Trip: Vacation 2012
Silent Hill
Soul of the Samurai
Star Trek Invasion
Star Wars Rebel Assault II
Syphon Filter GH
Syphon Filter 3
Tekken GH
Tenchu Stealth Assassins
Tenchu Stealth Assassins
Tenchu 2 GH
Ten Pin Alley
Thunder Strike 2
Tetris Plus GH
Tetris Plus GH (Gold Embossed Logo Cover)
Time Crisis w/Guncon
Tomb Raider
Tonka Space Station
Virtual Pool
Warhammer Shadow of the Horned Rat
Wheel of Fortune 2nd Edition
Playstation 2
PS2 Store Demo Kiosk discs, sealed in some kind of plastic sleeve. I have 3 from Q2-Q3 2005 and 3 from Q3-Q4 2005.
Nights Sampler in cardboard sleeve
Virtua Cop (jewel case) CIB
Cliffhanger w/box
Bill Laimbeer Combat Basketball (lol) w/box
Art of Fighting w/box
Final Fight 2 w/box
Family Fued CIB
Lagoon w/box
Wheel of Fortune CIB
Young Merlin box only
Vegas Stakes CIB
Populous CIB
Sim City CIB
Super Pinball w/box
Pilotwings CIB
Super Mario World SEALED, regular box, not "Million Seller"
Super Mario World cart only
Street Fighter II cart only
Super Mario World cart only
Turbografx 16
Keith Courage in Alpha Zones, technically CIB since I dont think there was ever a box
Full Throttle PC CIB
Pokemon XD Gamecube Skin
Plethora of 3.5" Ebay Screens. They are the ones with the switches on the back for imageflip, brightness, and contrast. Finicky for whatever reason on certain consoles (doesn't work with N64 or Sega Nomad). I'll have my screen testing setup so we can try it on basically whatever system you want to use it for.

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