WTS/T GameDoctor SF for SNESp or SNES (or listed items)

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WTS/T GameDoctor SF for SNESp or SNES (or listed items)

Post by com64 » Tue Feb 28, 2012 5:46 pm

Hey, I haven't been on this forum for a while, but I picked up a Bung GameDoctor SF for a relatively high price and found it's more trouble than it's worth to me, so I'd like to trade it (and maybe some of the items listed below) for either a portable SNES or an original SNES. As you can probably tell from the topic title, I'd also be willing to sell it (via eBay or just PayPal), but I'd much rather trade.

Items for trade:
Game Doctor SF3 (+box/instructions) (works, but floppy drive has not been tested)
SNES Mini (console only, runs games, but cart slot needs tightening or replacement)
GameBoy multicart (+box/case) (Chinese; list of games is in the picture. Not very high quality; slightly larger than official carts. GameBoy must be reset manually or by using the button on the cartridge to switch games)
Several PS1/PS2 games (will list later) and one PSP game (Ape Escape)

Interested in: (in order of priority)
SNES Portable (+video output/controller ports) OR Original SNES (no hookups needed)
NES control deck
Sega 32x / SegaCD / Sega Saturn (and games [inc. Genesis games])
Game Gear and GameBoy units (working, modded, trashed, anything really) and accessories/parts (need power adaptors especially)
Atari Lynx units / games / accessories
Gameboy Advance games

Shipping info:
The item would be shipping from BC, Canada. I will find a box and proper packaging if I get any offers (I will probably get a small discount on packaging). I will most likely ship via Canada Post, but if you want to pay the difference, I can use a courier such as FedEx. Unfortunately, I have no idea how long shipping would take, but I could consult a friend. If you live near Vancouver or Victoria, I can drop it off locally.
I'm travelling to Europe in a few weeks, so I probably won't be able to send anything while I'm gone (March 10th to March 22nd), but if you, by some odd coincidence, live in/near Helsinki, Tallinn, Tartu or Riga, maybe I we could swap in person or something.

Contact info:
Just send me a PM and I should be notified by email, which I check like a paranoid maniac. (I will not post my email here for fear of Russian spambots finding it).

Thumbnails: (click them)
Finally: the surface!

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