Holiday Sale Thread

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Holiday Sale Thread

Post by wallydawg » Thu Dec 08, 2011 8:13 pm

None better a time to make a sale thread then when I am bored at work and not at home to even see what I have up for sale. Prices negotiable, shipping to North America only, would prefer to keep it in the States to ensure delivery by Christmas, if you are into that sort of thing. Open to possible trades, not looking for much though, just Neogeo MVS games and arcade sticks/controllers and CIB 3DO games.


N64 "funtastic" consoles. Ice blue and DK Jungle green, both come with all hookups, two matching color controllers, and jumper pak.
$50 Ice Blue
$35 Jungle Green (+ shipping.)" onclick=";return false;
Ice Blue Sold Orange NFS

Broken Atari Jaguar. I think some of the cart pins are worn out/broken or the RF box is borked. If you are a bad enough dude to try and fix this, be forewarned that the cart slot has around 150 pins. $10 + shipping.

NES toaster, 1 controller zapper, hookups and Mario/duck hunt. 3 available, $40 shipped.

NES toaster console only, $15 + shipping.

Sega Genesis 2/Sega CD 2 combo, two three button controllers and sewer shark. No hookups, $50 + shipping.

Sega Saturn DRE. Pot tweak might fix. Console only. $10 + shipping.

Sega Nomads with new LCD. Cheaper than buying an unmodded one on ebay and sending it to be screen modded if you don't already have one to send in. $110 shipped.

SNES console only, no yellowing. 2 available, $20 each + shipping.

NES Advantage. 2 Available, $10 each + shipping ... antage.jpg" onclick=";return false;

PS2 Multitap $10 shipped" onclick=";return false;

Donkey Kong 64 with manual and strategy guide. $20 + shipping.

Final Fantasy Tactics PS1 Black Label $15 + shipping

Gran Turismo 1 & 2 PS1 bundle. Both CIB black label original releases. $10 shipped.

Guardian War 3DO CIB in longbox $15 + shipping

Resident Evil trilogy; RE:DC GC, RE2, and RE3. All CIB. $50 shipped.

Soccer Kid 3DO complete in Long Box, a little crushed but not that bad $8 + shipping

Time Crisis PS1 with Namco Gun. $20 plus shipping.

Smartq5 MID internet tablet. Runs Ubuntu Linux, Android 1.6-2.2 and other android custom builds (no cyanogen mod though, that I am aware of), WinCE, and ångstrom (whatever that is). Comes with charger manuals and box. $65 shipped.

Datamax Kids Delight. Untested, but I doubt anyone here cares if it works or not :p If the case usually has a handle it's not there (looks like something broke off the back there) Offer." onclick=";return false;

HTC Aria cell phone. Great condition, never dropped, screen protector and gelcase since the first day I owned it. Runs Android 2.2, eligible for Cyanogen mod 2.3 if you are into that sort of thing. Comes with ZAGG shield lifetime warranty. $115 shipped.

Pokemon XD Gamecube skin. Best buy preorder." onclick=";return false;

PSP Screen. It works in the sense that you see an image displayed, but all the colors are inverted. It's actually quite nauseating so this is strictly for lulz.
$5 shipped" onclick=";return false;

Entertaining ridiculous offers on:

Super Mario Worked SNES SEALED (original box, not "million seller" or whatever)
front" onclick=";return false;
back" onclick=";return false;
side" onclick=";return false;

Montezuma's Revenge Atari 2600 CIB

Sonic the Hedgehog SMS USA Version with UPC Sticker. (on eBay) ... b%29ksF3kQ

Little Samson NES with box.

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Re: Holiday Sale Thread

Post by Jordan4762 » Thu Dec 22, 2011 2:46 pm

wallydawg wrote:$35 Jungle Green (+ shipping.)
wallydawg wrote:Donkey Kong 64 with manual and strategy guide. $20 + shipping.
Maybe worth a
  • Genesis 2 w/
    3 button controller
    6 button controller
    Unassembled 6 button controller
    Madden 97
    After Burner II
    The lost vikings
    Alien 3
    Pitfall: The Mayan adventure
    Sonic the hedgehog "Not for resale"
    Metalhead 32x (no case)
    Sports talk football (no case)
    all wires
Or just the n64?
Too good to be true :D

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Re: Holiday Sale Thread

Post by jaron4103 » Thu Dec 22, 2011 6:59 pm

Pm sent

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