Looking for UMD case replacements

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Looking for UMD case replacements

Post by resecnded x » Mon May 30, 2011 5:04 pm

I got one game that is laser-burned, and even if I do plan on getting a replacement for it, I want to try some methods that helped me out, only thing is, just like my psp faceplate (XCM Crystal Red Faceplate), I want to put my PSP games in different UMD cases that look almost like my XCM crystal red PSP 3000 faceplate (which I might get a replacement for since I got problems with a couple of the screw holes, nothing I can't fix though)

im having trouble finding those colored ones (found a good deal on a clear case version under $5.00) under $5.00 (price of the product + shipping combined), and the only source of plastic money I got is an old giftcard I have that has about $5.45 (idk, forgot the real total, but this sounds about right), can anyone help me find them please

reply as soon as you can or when you feel like it (both are a 50/50 situation now), and here are the pictures of the faceplate I got from this URL here being used as an example http://www.extreme-mods.com/

note that I won't accept amazon links as I just don't like how their site works currently, maybe if they change it, but for now, all amazon links will be disregarded completely

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