FS/T: 7.5v Li-ion battery management board

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FS/T: 7.5v Li-ion battery management board

Post by Mario » Sat Mar 19, 2011 4:12 pm

This was taken from an external portable DVD player battery pack. It used to have two 3500mAh li-ion batteries hooked up to it, but the batteries went bad. The board still works fine, though.

With this, you just hook up two 3.7v li-ion batteries and it will take care of short-circuits, under- and over-voltage, and charging, without a smart charger. It just needs a 9-12v power source, and it even has a red/green charge indicator. No need for any battery boards, either. Just attach the plain li-ion batteries.

The dimensions are about 6.75x.75 inches. There is a spot, though, where you should be able to chop it in half and rewire it. There's only about 5 traces. It's at the 2.75" mark in the image below.

I'm asking for $5 plus shipping or I'll trade for any kind of Dreamcast accessory. Games, controllers, VMU's, jump packs, whatever.


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Re: FS/T: 7.5v Li-ion battery management board

Post by blaze3927 » Sun Mar 20, 2011 6:19 am

mmmm will you ship international and if so how cheap would it be to australia?
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