XCVG's FS/T Thread

Looking for a special part, or have extra stuff you don't need? Trade, sell and buy it here. (Note: Transactions are not monitored by benheck.com)

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XCVG's FS/T Thread

Post by XCVG » Tue Aug 17, 2010 4:56 pm

Well, I have a bunch of crap that I don't really need/want anymore, so I've decided to try this again. I don't expect it to be any more successful than the last, though. I'm going to try to get PayPal, so you don't have to send me cash anymore. Trades are good too. All prices listed are negotiable and do not include shipping.


In order of prority/want:
XBOX Component Cables (NOT 360)
PS1 Screen (as always)
XBOX 360 (Livebanned is fine, must be complete)
XBOX (original)
Retro Duo or FC3 Plus

NES Stuff


Ice Hockey - Cartridge Only - $8
Tecmo Bowl - Cartridge Only - $8
Captain Skyhawk - Cartridge Only - contacts sanded clean and case not screwed together - $5

Genesis Stuff


Sega Genesis (model 2). REGION MODDED! Has US/JP and 50/60hz switches and blue power LED. Cart slot can be widened upon request. Includes cords and 3-button controller. Serious offers only.
6-Button Controller (Generic) - Clone of official 6-button, good condition - $5
6-Button Controller (Performance) - Good condition, longer cord? - $10


Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Cartridge only - 2 available - $5
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Cartridge and case - $10
Thunder Force II - Cartridge and case - $10
Outrun 2019 - Complete, but case is in somewhat rough shape - $15
Sonic The Hedgehog - Sega Classics version, NEW AND SEALED - $30
Sonic The Hedgehog - Cartridge only, BROKEN - FREE WITH PURCHASE OF OTHER STUFF
Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition - Cartridge only - $10
Batman Returns - Cartridge only - $5

N64 Stuff


AV Cables, power supplies, jumper paks. I have a few extras I'm willing to part with, but these are a dime a dozen. Offer.
Controllers. I have a few extra first party ones in grey and Atomic Purple. Again, offer.
Goldeneye 007 - Cartridge only. One of the clips holding it together is broken, but it works fine - $15
NHL 99 - Cartridge only - $10
TremorPak Plus - Not sure if I want to let go of it. If your offer is good, though, I'll sell it.

Playstation Stuff


Playstation. Has a white power LED, just because. SCPH-7001 with serial and parallel ports. I'll throw in AV cables and a power cord but I don't have any controllers I'm willing to part with. Asking $20

PS2. It's covered in graffiti and doesn't read discs. It's been opened a lot, and in fact is currently not screwed together. If you want, I'll screw it back together and throw in a replacement laser that didn't work. $10 alone, $25 with cables.

AV Cables - I can part with one set. Offer.
PS1 Memory Card (Performance) - Grey, unmodded, clean and in good condition - $5
PS1 Memory Card (Sony) - Clear and modded with blue LED - $15
PS2 Network Adaptor Start-up Disc - Don't know if it works, but comes with both startup disc and demo disc in good condition - $15

Dreamcast Stuff


NFL 2K - $15
NHL 2K - $15
Chu Chu Rocket - NEW, SEALED - $25

Gamecube Stuff


Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - No manual, case is in bad shape but disc is okay - $10
Enter The Matrix - No manual - $10
Need For Speed Underground - Includes manual - $15

DS/Gameboy Stuff

Call of Duty 4 (DS) - Complete, good condition - $20
Pokemon Diamond (DS) - Complete, barely used - $25
Iridion 3D (GBA) - Complete (CIB the right term?) - $10

PC Games


Command and Conquer Generals - Cosmi version in little box, but I'll put it in a case if it makes you feel better. No manual, never was one. DOES NOT INCLUDE ZERO HOUR! - $5
Medal Of Honor 10th Anniversary Collection - Includes Allied Assault and expansions, Pacific Assault, and Airborne. Barely used. - $20
Medal Of Honor Pacific Assault - No case, manual, or CD key - $5
Medal Of Honor Allied Assault - No case, manual, or CD key - $5
Battlefield 1942 - No case, manual, or CD key. Includes Road To Rome expansion pack. - $10
Battlefield Vietnam Redux - No case, manual, or CD key - $5


Intellivision TV Game. It's one of those game-in-a-controller things. I took it apart ages ago, but if you want me to I'll put it back together. Offer.
Half an XBOX RF modulator. The half with the actual RF modulator- no XBOX plug. Useful for hacking, not so useful for hooking up your XBOX. Offer.

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Re: XCVG's FS/T Thread

Post by XCVG » Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:47 pm

Bump, prices dropped!

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