FS: Gateway M500b1 laptop

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FS: Gateway M500b1 laptop

Post by J.D » Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:28 pm

This is the audiophile's laptop.

15.2" Screen (1280x840 resolution, I think)
Pentium 4 Intel Processor
Upgradeable to 1GB of RAM (Only has 256MB of RAM at the moment, can't find my other RAM.)
NVIDIAR GeForce4 Go Graphics
A track pad that doesn't suck balls and is pretty awesome.
A cool little LCD that displays audio and video information
S-Video outyou
Slot-Loading Disk Drive

I can put Windows XP Professional, MicroXP, or Windows Vista Ultimate (although that wouldn't run well) on the laptop. I can burn a disk of any distro of Linux for you if you'd like, although it's up to you to find the audio drivers and such.

The S and D keys don't work, and the (~`), (6^), (+=), and (]}) keys are missing, although the rubber tact switches are still on there so it will still work. Replacement keyboards are on eBay for like $30, I think.

That's about all the info I got. You make an offer. I am willing to trade, if it's for something good. I would prefer if I dealt with someone with credibility with trades. Money is PayPal only, no cash.

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