WTB: Extensive Sharp Famicom Twin mods

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WTB: Extensive Sharp Famicom Twin mods

Post by Arasoi » Sat May 16, 2009 1:51 pm

Hi there, I'm new here. Hopefully this doesnt break any unwritten rules to post a mod request this way:

I've got a project I am looking to have a modder do for me, this is an open call for any capable modders looking to make some $$.

I have a Sharp Famicom Twin (Red AN-500) and here is what I'd like to do.

(1) Add a modded four score inside the console case, and place the 4 ports, turbo, etc switches to the left side of the console, or the right near the 15 pin port. I know it it is possible to wire a 4 score to the 15 pin port, I'm suggesting that its bypassed and placed inside the console.

(2) Gut an NES and mod the top of the console for a 72 pin opening behind or in front of the 60 pin, and wire it in with the right diagram (there wouldnt be a switch between the two, but this is fine IMO)

(3) Replace the Famicom Twin PPU with a Playchoice 10 PPU, put in a signal amp, and add the leads for analog RGB video out on the back. Composite out would still be available, and possibly just split the mono audio lead to another one so there's mock stereo.

(4) (optional) replace the flimsy power connector post on the motherboard with a more reliable one connection wise.

Yeah, basically an all in one NES solution. I have all the parts needed except the Playchoice 10 PPU, which I am willing to acquire for the project.

Anybody interested in tackling this for a handsome fee?


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Re: WTB: Extensive Sharp Famicom Twin mods

Post by Krepticor » Sat May 16, 2009 6:16 pm

I I may make a few suggestions,

for respective mod:

1) there may be an issue with space, the twin is kinda lacking in such, particularly in the front where the disc drive is
2) this may sound awesome, but the space consideration may cause the case to look uber fugly with a replacement, and out of place due to the coloring with an addition, I may make a suggestion on alternate ports, possibly a game genie, or a dead yobo FC clone, I suggest these since the American 72 NES port is just a time bomb, its just going to be a problem, end of story
3) you priced on of them, more power to ya if its no option
4) this is probably the easiest mod, anyone who attempts the others should throw this in for peanuts
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Re: WTB: Extensive Sharp Famicom Twin mods

Post by Arasoi » Sat May 16, 2009 6:45 pm

Krepticor, thank you for replying and lending some clarity to all this.

For the cart slot, you have an excellent point about using a game genie instead. I have no problem acquiring a game genie and using this instead for the female end of the 72 pin. Actually a bonus as I wouldnt have to trash my NES for the part.

For the space issue I am not incredibly concerned, as the ports and switches would be removed from the 4 score case. I suppose the pcb of the 4S would be an issue. Im just as willing to simply have my 4 score modded to the 15 pin port, and live with that instead as it will be almost as good.

As for the aesthetics, well.. in my opinion its already a bit silly looking with the black disk drive in the front of a red console so its not a huge deal for me. I just want a functional all in one NES/Famicom system.

I am also aware of the PPU mod's pallete issues, its something I'm willing to live with as long as both composite and RGB can be available on the system.

Essentially I'm willing to make a few compromises to get this done, yes.

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