Stupid Parts

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Stupid Parts

Post by inanimateteen » Thu Jan 19, 2006 7:40 pm

In the NESP by hand prodject, in the book and online, Ben didn't put a power switch on the list. The 33 ohm resistors must be bought in a set of 2000 at mouser and only in a set of 5 at radioshack. The speaker he listed online is only anout 20mm wide vs the 28mm recommended in the book. The hole that's supposed to hold the 28mm speaker is closer to 32mm. You also need a 1uf and a .1uf transistor. Dude!, get it straight.
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Post by juscrzn » Sun Jan 22, 2006 2:44 pm

I know this post is a couple days old but I wanted to respond anyway...

Don't take this the wrong way it's just a suggestion...I bought Ben's book and kinda read through each project...and found the same thing a lot of people did...missing part's on the list.
In Ben's defence...a lot of instruction manual's that indepth have mistake's and errors...try computer programming guide's.
I think Ben did a great job!

As far as the switch, I used a Radio Shack switch...Submini slide switch #275-406 and it worked great in my NESP. I also used a Radio Shack Speaker and it was I think looking back a 20mm sounds better because it goes right next to the heatsink anyway(DigiKey was out of the speaker mentioned in the book when I built my NESP.
There is also a parts place online where you can also get resistor's and other part's it's called Electronics123...I have made several purchase's from them and there is no minimum and for 2-3 day shipping it's just under $6.00...Resistor's are 4 cents ea.
Like I said don't take offence...I'm just trying to help.

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