Requesting a paper diagram (or mspaint) 1st Gen. SNESp

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Requesting a paper diagram (or mspaint) 1st Gen. SNESp

Post by Izlude » Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:10 pm

I have here a 1st generation, 2nd version SNES. I will be attempting SNESp with it simply because... I have it ;) that's all.


I was told the book doesn't cover the 1st gen, only SNES mini. Couldn't find any guides or references here on the forum (except abandoned posts). So here's hoping to revive the topic :)

If anyone has the time and patience, I'm requesting a simple line diagram on paper (or ms paint) showing basic battery hookup. I'll be using a PS1 screen.

I think I can handle the audio/video/controller/cartridge wiring myself, that's no prob... It's just that I remember there being issues with the 17805 on 1st gens (folks ending up with dead systems due to not wiring it correctly.) So I think I need help with that.

Thanks pals! Hope I can learn something while putting it together, I'll be sure to share the experience with the others who are also trying to make SNESp with this board. (eventually want to create a guide specific to this board.)

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