Charger troubles

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Charger troubles

Post by adamjohnny5 » Sat Jun 11, 2011 9:30 pm

I got a Ni-Mh batter (9.6V 2000maH) and a charger (OFN10214) to charge it with. i changed the ends of each to size K connectors like the book said. Now when i first plugged the two together the red light came on on the charger before i even hooked it into the wall. I plugged it into the wall and checked the voltage between the connectors (for some reason) and accidently touched the ends together. it slightly sparked and the red led on the charger went off. it might be a coincidence but im not sure. i'm getting 3 volts on the side the battery is connected to, but i'm not sure if its charging. whats a good way to check and see if its charging or not?
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