Can't find parts Hand-built NES

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Can't find parts Hand-built NES

Post by Zero X. Diamond » Thu Jan 06, 2011 12:35 am

Hey guys, I just picked up a used copy of the book after years of wanting it and using the on-site parts list for the hand-built NES I've managed to track down most of the parts. However, there were three parts on the list that appear to be no longer available:

1.) 606-CMD204UWC from Mouser Inc., the T1 size white LEDs needed for the screen mod. Mouser says they're discontinued, and the only place I've found them available will cost $20 USD and comes from a company out of Libya. Somehow I doubt LEDs should cost so much.

2.) 274-1567a from Radio Shack, the Coaxial DC plug 5 mm OD, 2.1 mm ID (Size K). Another thread on the forums I found via Google managed to find me a replacement for the missing phono jack, but this one was replaced by some odd battery tester thing. I did manage to track a single one down, but it's at an electronics store in Alaska with a website that apparently features a cart that I can't use.

3.) 230-0432 from Radio Shack, the 9.6V/1600mAH NI-MH batteries. This one is still in their catalogue, but only as a PDF of the safety information on it. The thread that replaced the phono jack had a link for a replacement battery, but it's a dead end. I did find this battery which is the same voltage with a little more mAH ( ... Id=4057367) but would it even work? And these batteries don't appear to be rechargeable... or if they are, I don't know how so.

Anyhow, I'm hoping to get on building this soon and I have everything else but these ready to order. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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