Conversion of screw sizes?

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Conversion of screw sizes?

Post by quaelgeist » Sat Oct 02, 2010 7:49 am


I got the book and i am planning on doing the PSone Portable Project. I already got the electronic parts (were not that easy since radioshack appearantly doesn´t deliver to austria) but i am stumped when it comes to the relatively simple subject of buying the right screws. In the Book they are listed as e.g. Size 4 Screw, pan (round) philips, length: 1/4".
Converting the inches to mm is no big deal of course, but i haven´t been able to find the equivalent of a "size 4" (or other sizes for that matter) screw. In those stores i looked, screws were also labeled in mm concerning their size, not just their length.

I´ve been looking for conversion tables on the internet, but i haven´t been able to find something more useful than this one here: ... ewsize.htm
Does the "Size" in Heckendorn's Book refer to the "gauge", to the "BA Screwsize" or to something else entirely?

Thanks in advance for any useful clarifications on this matter.

regards, quaelgeist.

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