Atari 2600 Jr. Reset and Select Button

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Atari 2600 Jr. Reset and Select Button

Post by mccloudm » Wed May 20, 2009 6:48 pm

Hello everyone!

Digging through my old closet, I find my old Atari 2600 jr. with only the power supply and games missing. After finding a butt load of games at a flea market, and ordering a power supply, I turned it on and was awesome. One of the games I got from the flea market was a Mystery Cart with no label, made by Parker Bros. When I put it in it was my all time favorite Frogger! I played it for maybe 10 mins or so and tried the other games. Some worked some didn't.

I went back to frogger frog. The game is on... Where the hell is my frog?!?

I then remembered that the reset button acted as a start button, I press harder, nothing.

Opened up the case to learn that it is a Mylar switch, cleaned the buttons off, looked at the mother board everything is clean. Put it back together, still no frog.

Does anyone know of a good work around for this, or a better way to TS the problem?

thanks. Mike

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