Desoldering the NES - A.K.A. Did I fry my console?

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Desoldering the NES - A.K.A. Did I fry my console?

Post by egomine » Mon Mar 14, 2005 9:52 am

Ok two things here. When desoldering the small leads I had a hard time removing all of the solder (to where i could remove the expansion port without destroying the board) without almost touching this circuit board. After doing this it dawned on me that heating the board was a no no. If no other solder melted is it safe to assume the board will still be ok or is it pretty much a goner? Any way to test (remembering that I ripped out that big transistor for safety per Ben's book before doing so)?

Second I am using a desoldering Iron and the smaller soldering iron and I am having a very hard time getting the 4 metal tabs loose to pull off the big metal box (Yes I am very high tech here). I've got what appears to be all the bloby solder off from around the tabs via the books method, but there is still just enough solder to hold it in place. heating up the tab seems to do nothing as I cannot get the solder melted enough to pull loose.

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Post by Nightmare » Mon Mar 14, 2005 9:58 am

Something to try would be :

Heat up the solder as much as you can then carefully slide a screw driver under the component your desoldering, slide the screw driver into the corner your heating up, then gently lift the screw driver up, move the soldering iron away and wait a few seconds with the screw driver where it is so the existing solder in the hole hardens but not onto the component.

Do it for all four corners...

Big metal box = RF UNIT i presume

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