Ben's Decals

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Ben's Decals

Post by egomine » Mon Mar 14, 2005 9:41 am

Ok so I'm building my portable NES and I bought Ben's kit for the non CNC case. Funny I know, but I wanted it too look CNC but with the larger screen.

Anyhow you also get his great looking decals, which the book says to wet down.

WARNING: Even though you see the water bowl in the picture, even though you remember making model kits as a kid where you drop the decals into water and they "lift" off. Ben's do not do this. Wet the back only a little and then peel off like a sticker.

If you screwed up like I did, let them dry peel off all the paper you can and then use spray mounting adhesive to attach (Mine were never sticky as the paper sort of dissolved except for the thin amout that was stuck fast to the adhesive).

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