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Post by poopiesman » Sun Mar 13, 2005 6:59 pm

G-force wrote:They sell the cable on www.allelectronics.com but it's cheaper to get it a computer store.
yea...I knew that. heck, even digikey sells ribbon cable, but I was referring to how incredibly vague Ben says where to get this stuff. I don't see why he didn't refer people to a place where they can buy ribbon cable. I mean, the book was supposed to be written for those who are not familar with electronics, so he should have been more specific on how to locate the stuff. It's easy to find, but I figure someone bought the book and doesn't know about the site, and don't know where to ask questions like these.

Not to critisize you ben! I still think that you are an absolute genius

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Post by TheTooth » Mon Mar 14, 2005 7:53 pm

The newer stuff splits up the data wires and puts more grounds between them to try and reduce electrical noise. With stuff as thin as that makes it soldering can be a bit difficult, and you would probably want to do more than one wire per connection although I've never tried soldering with newer cables.

Just check for more wires. I always thought of the differences in cables as hdd cable for the 80 connection stuff and cd drive cable for the 40 connection cable. Hope that helps.
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