Gameboy DMG + Ds(lite)(i) backlight mod help

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Gameboy DMG + Ds(lite)(i) backlight mod help

Postby mwg » Mon Apr 02, 2012 3:15 pm


what a great forum! i love all these ideas. inspiring!

Now for my attempt at this.

I have a gameboy DMG here and i want to backlight it. seen many tutorials here but i cant seem to understand how to use my ds backlight for it.

i found that ds lite backlight works on 12V, i found many 12,9v points on the gameboy but the light wont turn on

i have it like this ... ht_146.jpg (not my picture)

and just soldered it to the 12v input i measured but no light!

what am i doing wrong here?

i have ds, dslite , dsi top and bottoms screens here (workshop)

then i want to add some rechargable battery system, i have ds,dsi,psp versions here

and a 125 in 1 cartridge with all the classics, but it sticks out, i will rewire the contacts and make it fit inside the slot permanent

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Re: Gameboy DMG + Ds(lite)(i) backlight mod help

Postby mwg » Thu Apr 12, 2012 2:38 pm

To awnser my own question. I found out how to light the ds/dslite/dsi backlicht on the DMG gameboy, and share this here for others.

i soldered a resistor to this point on the DMG (clueless of value resistor, i just tried some)


this resistor changes the 55 volt what will shut down the screen of the DMT to 22 volt and solder thr GND to the point next to it.

on the dslite backlight solder

C is for negative -
other point + positive



And let there be light and a working screen ( removed the polarising filter from screen on this picture thats why no image)

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