Game Cube and qoob pro help,me !!!!

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Game Cube and qoob pro help,me !!!!

Postby ulticube » Tue Sep 27, 2011 12:19 pm

My problem is this, I have a gamecube American, or had in the case, I took him to unlock the Santa Efigenia, and unlocked it with xeno this was in March this year as well since q took him to unlock it just gave me work, that is, literally became a box cabeça.Pois pain and so I decided to replace it with the Qoob Pro chip, say q q qo xeno is better, the chip arrived, soldered everything cute, it's when i called the first two times he did not boot from the chip, when I try to put them in better because it was not right, a wire came loose from him and from then on the top of my cube does not work all the cables mais.Tirei q I placed them, and nothing to put them and nothing about my cube again that he cares more viver.Por the top of it does not work, my question is anyone has gone through this, or ever seen this and know how I can solve this problem?
since q do not know anymore, but I think he burned q mesmo.E not want to take you on technical as surely he will charge more than I paid him to fix it. Does anyone know anything for q I know wtf just the minimum?
I'm from Brazil, so some things will not make sense.
when I say the top I mean the optical drive, the player will not turn on the light and he turns it seems that is not receiving power, it will be a modchip that can burn a gamecube?
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Re: Game Cube and qoob pro help,me !!!!

Postby kasar » Wed Sep 28, 2011 6:23 pm

well, not fully sure about your post, got some parts missunderstanding.

as far as I understood, you had no sucess while trying to get the qoob pro chip working, and then tried to resolder with bad results.

relating to the broken wires, there is no other option than solder them back.

dumb question, but did you flashed a bios at the qoob?

(when I recoved both of my qoob chips, they had no bios by default)

I supose you already have the right chip programing software and the proper bios (last bios for qoob pro is 1.3c).
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Re: Game Cube and qoob pro help,me !!!!

Postby ulticube » Thu Sep 29, 2011 8:28 am

then friend, already tried and nothing tmbm,
that part does not work here:Image

but not stirred in this part, only the board of the gamecube.
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