HELP!!!!! PSOne screen issues!

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HELP!!!!! PSOne screen issues!

Postby marinespectre » Mon Mar 28, 2011 2:11 pm

So I was able to get the screen working. I was getting picture and sound from my NES, but the controllers were not responding. so I decided to make a few adjustments. when I finished and turned the whole thing back on, I get a significantly darker screen with no video on the screen. I am also unable to see the brightness and volume indicators on the screen, with the book says is a result of the ribbon cable not being seated properly. I think that the connector is damaged because when I was originally taking the screen apart, I accidentally popped it off of the board. Is there a way to re-solder it to the board? The pins seem really small and delicate... Is this the end of my screen?? Also, what could be causing the overall brightness to die out so much? Any help would be great!!!
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